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New post on the mares blog


There is another new blog post on the official blog of mares.
This time it’s all about dedicated fathers


You can find a link here.

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Yesterday was the award ceremony of the Belgian underwaterphotography championship. I enterted for the first time in photo AND video. Since it was the first time I did a video competition I was entering the ‘juniors’ beter know as the starters. I’m so proud foR winning the first price and the titel of Junior Videographer of the year.
Then it was time for the big boys: Photography Masters. It’s always a tough battle in Belgium, because we have a few really really but realllllly good underwaterphotographers. Nevertheless I managed to bring home 4 medailles: 2 silver en 2 brons.
Thank you Olympus Belgique – België and Olympus WEST for the great gear and support! Also a big thank you to MARES – just add water for making it possible to breath underwater and last but not least a big thank you to TODI The Ultimate Diving Experience and Marc Vermeiren and all the jury members for the great show!

More pictures of the competition that didn’t make the top 3

Crystal River, three sisters spring and Homosassa river
Crystal River, three sisters spring and Homosassa river
When the water starts to get warmer in May and June the sepia’s come. Sepias are squid and breed in the eastern Scheldt. After a while of swimming and searching I came across these beautiful animals and I was able to take these pictures.
Mermaid shoot
A few weeks ago I had a nice photo shoot with some mermaids. This is the result.
Olympus visionary

It’s ofFISHial !

Thanks olympus for the trust. I am very proud to be an Olympus Visionary.
New workshops
Do you also dream of taking your first steps in underwater photography? Then this workshop is really something for you. Concepts such as shutter speed, aperture, iso, composition, … are all covered. What does what and why? Or do you want to learn all the tips and trics in photoshop ? Register quickly.
Trowback to Egypt
Missing the warm Egyptian water and sun. Love the stingrays in shallow water.
Underwater photoshoot
Lots of fun today during a photo shoot underwater for an Easter event of the city of Antwerp.
Do you also want a photo shoot underwater? Click here for more information


Frogs mating
Last week I visited the mating toads, this week I visited the frogs.
Groene Camera 2018
Today it was the award ceremony of the green camera 2018. A photo contest for above and underwater. In this competition I got two honorable mentions.
Through this link you can view all results
Toads mating
Underwater Model
water lily
Indoor dive at TODI – Beringen
A sea anemone and a grey reef shark
Interview with the local Belgian television ( ATV )
Publication in the Belgian dive magazine hippocampus

Trowback to Marsa alam, Egypt.

First price Lowlands Photo Festival 2017 and Higly Commended

Third place Belgian Championship macro and third place overall

First place “theme” and Sixt place overall

All photos and videos on this website may not be used for any use without written permission from the owner.